Culturally Speaking:

Promoting Cross-Cultural Awareness in a Post-9/11 World

Table of Contents

Foreword - Dr. Sam H. Zakhem, former U.S. Ambassador to the Kingdom of Bahrain

Americans' Top 11 Generalizations About Bahraini Arabs

Bahraini Arabs' Top 11 Generalizations About Americans

Chapter 1 - The Religion of Islam
                   How the Sunnis and Shia Differ
                   American Generalization #1
                   Political Islam
                   Who Interprets the Quran?
                   American Generalization #2

Chapter 2 - The Relationship Between Arab Culture and Islam/Islamic Law
                   To Drink or Not to Drink
                   Arab Generalization #1

                   Arab Generalization #2
                   Family Values
Arab Generalization #3
                   Media Violence 

Chapter 3 - The Relationship Between Socializing and Marriage Within the    Arab Culture
                   Culturally Engaged, but Legally Married
                   The Malcha
                   Tying the Knot
                   Divorce and Domestic Violence
                   Four Wives
                   Separate Sexes

Chapter 4 - Hijab and Traditional Dress
                   American Generalization #3

                   Arab Generalization #4
                   Culture or Religion?
                   Should Men Cover Up? 

Chapter 5 - Education, Women's Rights and Empowerment
                   Arab Generalization #5

                   American Generalization #4
                   The Cultural Learning Curve
                   Women's Rights

Chapter 6 - Consumerism and War
American Generalization #6
                    American Generalization #7 
                    Arab Generalization  #6
                    Arab Generalization #7

                   The War in Iraq
                   President George W. Bush Visits Bahrain
                   The Israeli-Palestinian Divide
American Generalization #8
                    Arab Generalization #9

                   September 11, 2001
American Generalization #9

Chapter 7 - Separating Fact From Fiction
                   Media Bias
Arab Generalization #10
                   American Generalization #10

Chapter 8 - Understanding and Promoting Cross-Cultural Awareness
Arab Generalization #11
                   American Generalization #11

                   How Other World Countries View Muslims
                   Attitudes of U.S. Muslims
                   What Minnesotans and the U.S. are Doing to Promote    Understanding and Tolerance       
                   How Bahrain is Promoting Cross-Cultural Relations
                   How the Average Bahraini and American Can Do Their Part




Book Awards

Culturally Speaking was named as a finalist in the 2008 National Best Books Awards in the Non-Fiction, Multi-Culture category in October 2008. In May 2009, the book was named one of three silver finalists in the Culture category of the Midwest Book Awards, sponsored by the Midwest Independent Publishers Association.

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