Culturally Speaking:

Promoting Cross-Cultural Awareness in a Post-9/11 World

Americans' Generalizations About the Bahraini Arab Muslims
  1. Islam is a radical and backward religion.
  2. Islam is a violent religion that preaches death. Suicide bombers are told they are serving a greater good and will be rewarded with a place in heaven for them and their family.
  3. Women who veil themselves are forced to and are oppressed. And those who completely veil themselves are scary looking.
  4. The Arabs hate Americans, but they sure want an American education.
  5. Muslim women are not treated equally as Muslim men, and do not have the same rights, particularly in the workplace and court system.
  6. Americans prefer to focus on the future, whereas Muslims seem to live in the  past.
  7. All Arabs living in oil-producing countries are rich.
  8. Arab Muslims hate Israelis.
  9. Before 9/11, the Middle East seemed to be in another time. We never saw anything but camels and desert. After 9/11, nineteen terrorists became the face of the entire Arab world.
  10. Arabs as a whole are judged as terrorists and radicals, because this is what is in the news.
  11. Muslims think Americans are not tolerant of their religion or their culture, particularly post 9/11.

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