Culturally Speaking:

Promoting Cross-Cultural Awareness in a Post-9/11 World

Bahraini Arab Muslim's Generalizations About Americans
  1. America has no respect for its women as evidenced by advertisements, movies, TV, and pornography.
  2. The American culture has destroyed the family system/family values, and they (Americans) have no morals.
  3. Western culture is very lax regarding women's clothing that gives mixed messages to men.
  4. Americans believe that Muslim women who cover themselves are backward.
  5. American students are expected to take a part-time job in high school and move out when they graduate or turn 18.
  6. Americans are overly concerned with money and profitability.
  7. Americans are very good at giving money for humanitarian efforts, but they are also very good at killing people. It's as though they are trying to find a balance for their guilt.
  8. The American government has created problems in the world just to have power and political clout worldwide. America can't be trusted.
  9. Every decision made by the American government is made with Israel's benefit in mind. The American government is highly influenced by Israel.
  10. The American media shows and tells Americans only what the media wants them to know.
  11. Americans know nothing about Bahrain, or even where Bahrain is. They probably think we still live in tents in the desert and ride camels.

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