Culturally Speaking:

Promoting Cross-Cultural Awareness in a Post-9/11 World

Table of Contents

Foreword - Dr. Sam H. Zakhem, former U.S. Ambassador to the Kingdom of Bahrain

Americans' Top 11 Generalizations About Bahraini Arabs

Bahraini Arabs' Top 11 Generalizations About Americans

Chapter 1 - The Religion of Islam
                   How the Sunnis and Shia Differ
                   American Generalization #1
                   Political Islam
                   Who Interprets the Quran?
                   American Generalization #2

Chapter 2 - The Relationship Between Arab Culture and Islam/Islamic Law
                   To Drink or Not to Drink
                   Arab Generalization #1

                   Arab Generalization #2
                   Family Values
Arab Generalization #3
                   Media Violence 

Chapter 3 - The Relationship Between Socializing and Marriage Within the    Arab Culture
                   Culturally Engaged, but Legally Married
                   The Malcha
                   Tying the Knot
                   Divorce and Domestic Violence
                   Four Wives
                   Separate Sexes

Chapter 4 - Hijab and Traditional Dress
                   American Generalization #3

                   Arab Generalization #4
                   Culture or Religion?
                   Should Men Cover Up? 

Chapter 5 - Education, Women's Rights and Empowerment
                   Arab Generalization #5

                   American Generalization #4
                   The Cultural Learning Curve
                   Women's Rights

Chapter 6 - Consumerism and War
American Generalization #6
                    American Generalization #7 
                    Arab Generalization  #6
                    Arab Generalization #7

                   The War in Iraq
                   President George W. Bush Visits Bahrain
                   The Israeli-Palestinian Divide
American Generalization #8
                    Arab Generalization #9

                   September 11, 2001
American Generalization #9

Chapter 7 - Separating Fact From Fiction
                   Media Bias
Arab Generalization #10
                   American Generalization #10

Chapter 8 - Understanding and Promoting Cross-Cultural Awareness
Arab Generalization #11
                   American Generalization #11

                   How Other World Countries View Muslims
                   Attitudes of U.S. Muslims
                   What Minnesotans and the U.S. are Doing to Promote    Understanding and Tolerance       
                   How Bahrain is Promoting Cross-Cultural Relations
                   How the Average Bahraini and American Can Do Their Part