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I am currently living in Doha, Qatar and not making any promotional appearances in the U.S. Please check back later for an update of promotional appearances in the Middle East.


If you haven't heard about or watched any of the political uprisings unfold across the Middle East lately, then maybe it's time to re-enter the Earth's atmosphere - and begin to listen to some of these Arab voices.

Arab youth are demanding reforms - economic and political. These youth and their demonstration movements reached the Kingdom of Bahrain in February where events continue to play out daily and are impacting the  economy and people, both Bahraini and international expats living there.

Americans historically know little about Arabs, their religion, and how the two are so deeply intertwined. We are quick with our over-generalizing, and slow to admit our ignorance. We don't understand the differences or significance of Arab culture, such as the fact that because the Arab culture was in place before Islam; the culture often times takes precedence over the religion.

We tend to believe that Islam "orders" women to cover, and that women have no rights or empowerment, along with a host of other misconceptions.

If you've had even an ounce of interest in the recent Arab world crises, here's an opportunity to listen and learn a little more about one of these current countries in crisis - a country with very strong strategic ties with and implication for the United States: the Kingdom of Bahrain.





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